A Page from the Playbook, Silver Linings

“It is easy to get discouraged and let negativity overcome us. Remember that you are always projecting your energy to those around you, so instead of bringing them down, try to find the silver lining and radiate optimism.” – Anonymous


When I made the decision to start a blog, I thought I would invite everyone into mine and my kid’s lives. Thinking, wow, some crazy stuff happens to us from time to time, why not share it with everyone? Here I am, having not even gone live with this site, but having had one of the craziest few days in my entire life as it pertains to vehicles.

I promise, no one can make this stuff up!

One blown engine, four new rims, eight new tires, a new engine, a new ignition, a new clutch safety switch, and the list goes on. How do you sift through the storms in your life to find the positives and just not go bat shit crazy?!

I have some thoughts on that…. 

I currently live roughly 20-25 minutes north of Nashville. This night was the beginning of my car troubles I had never experienced before. I was driving home, late, after visiting some friends downtown. It was raining again for the I don’t know how many straight days. But this night the rain was different. The sky was dropping buckets of cold rain like the world was doing an ice bucket challenge and totally winning!

In an instant, the car driving ahead swerved to miss an object in the road, I did the same, but they went right, I went left. BAM!!

I nailed the dividing wall, corrected my vehicle, and kept going. The car began to shake. No body damage. Like, none, not even a scratch. However, the rims on that side of the car were badly bent. Into the shop it went and so began my nightmare.


I had to rent a car for a few days while the rims came in. Got the car out of the shop–looks great, right!? A few days later the engine began knocking. I’m not sure if you know this or not but “gas in your oil” is not something you want a mechanic to say to you! UGGGGHHHH! I called the dealership and had my vehicle towed.

Engine was a goner! 

The car, as is, is now worth 1/8 of what I owe. But wait, the dealership says that the engine may have a known problem and be replaced at their cost. So, I willingly wait!

In the meantime, I took off in a Lyft to get home and grabbed my little red truck that has over 200k miles on it, is a five speed that will barely fit my kids and I into the cab. We needed a little close family time anyway! The truck-not an everyday driver, but, what I must drive until I get an answer.

Now, I knew I needed some new tires on that old red pickup when I bought it a year ago.

However, I only bought it to maybe help someone move stuff or haul small loads here and there. Anyhow, I got into the truck that Saturday morning, two days after my engine blew in my “everyday” car, knowing that if I were to rub my hand on my tires I would receive slices and need a tetanus shot from all the metal sticking out from the rubber.

“Just get me through the weekend ‘ol girl and I promise I’ll put some new shoes on you!

I took off to go across town and sure enough, BOOM!!! Tire blew! I’m telling you, I can’t make this stuff up! My truck has the jack, but none of the other necessary tools that would be required to change the tire myself. I also found out my spare was completely flat, having never been used before. What is going on? Is the world conspiring against me to test me and see just how far I can be pushed? I got the truck to the shop–four new tires! Man, what a weekend!


Feeling good now! New tires, oil change, truck is running beautifully! Right? Ha! Nope. Climb up in it to go to soccer, 30 minutes after I get it out of the shop, won’t even turn over. It ended up being some small common problem, but in that instance, right there underneath my carport in front of my two kids, I had, had enough! I lost it!!

You know what though? I held it all in.

I didn’t let my kids see that my blood was boiling and I wanted to throw the wrench through that dirty ass windshield on my piece of shit old truck that wasn’t working anymore. But I did feel defeated.

So, just what did I do?

I took a step back, and laughed! That’s right, I sat down in my driveway, leaning against that truck, and laughed so hard. Then, through this entire fiasco I started looking at the incredible blessings that were brought to life. You see, it is so easy to sit back and say “poor pitiful me, look at all this bad stuff that is happening to me”.

Instead let’s find the blessings.

I was blessed that the kids weren’t with me when the engine started knocking and I had to spend all day at the shop waiting for a tow truck! I was blessed that I had the foresight to pay for AAA and had a free tow to the dealership! I was blessed that it just so happened I had a very good friend that worked at said dealership and went more than above and beyond to ensure I was taken well cared for! I was blessed my best friend happened to be working 15 mins down the road when my tire blew! I was blessed that I could afford new tires on the truck! I was blessed that when the truck wouldn’t start my neighbor and good friend immediately offered up his car for me to drive the kids to soccer!

God had intertwined these people into my life.

I mean think about this: My friend at the dealership was a long time, old friend that had lost touch until recently. The best friend became that way just the year before when they happened to get referred to me as clients and bought right down the street. Oh, and the neighbor and friend that let me borrow his car, just sold them that house the previous week. Wow!! Think about the work it took for God to place these people at that moment in time, in my life. I mean, it was probably because He knew I would lose my shit if I wouldn’t have had help. But either way, I was blessed. So, next time you have bad things, even horrible things, mounting up on you, find the blessings. They are there, I Promise!


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  • Rachel Ford

    I love this and your outlook of positivity I needed this today more than you know!!??

  • Betty Koutny

    A good read proud of you Josh❤️

  • Michele Harbin

    It’s always something! Keep finding those silver linings. Love you!

  • Brittany Nicole Ford Beck

    Love the details in the story-You made me feel like I was there! Can’t wait to read more of your blogs. <3

  • Lori

    I LOVE this so much! You are awesome and I am so happy to see this vision LIVE now.

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    • Josh Stimpson

      Hey I would love to guest write and do something like that! That would be a ton of fun!Sending you an email for sure!

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