About Us

About me?

I feel like I am writing my profile on a dating website, except this is to try and win over all of you, the unsuspecting public.

I was originally born in Birmingham, Alabama. My family moved to Nashville when I was super young. I am now a responsible, contributing adult to the economy and community, in what I consider the best city in AmericaNashville! If you have used your skills of deductive reasoning, one might know by now that I am a Realtor as well as a dadThese two things take up a very large part of my life: one defining me and one giving me the opportunity to be the type of person I want to be.

Life as a single dad

What does that even mean? First off, I want to make it very clear, while I am a single dad, I am not parenting alone. My children’s mother, Rachael, is every bit as involved in their lives as I am. As you get to know me and my kids you will also find that Rachael and I co-parent at a level that I like to think is about as good as it gets.

This is not a blog about how I do it all and have no help! Just keeping it real! But, being a single father and trying to be a top-level Realtor in a market that is one of the hottest in the country is nothing for the faint of heart. I am definitely a proponent of mixing business with pleasure.

My kids often go to showings with me, to the office with me, to get signs, and put out lock boxes, preview properties, you name it they do it! So, trying to figure out ways to incorporate fun is a crucial part of having the kids stay supportive and understanding of what I do. But, let’s be real, a lot of times they are not very happy when they must go to work with me! Nevertheless, I try!

Lets meet the supporting cast

Zak is my oldest. The words “proud father” do not do this kid justice. He is consistently on the straight A honor roll and has just been accepted into the National Honor society. Zak loves to play Yu-Gi Oh card game, Pokémon Go, and is also a member of the gaming club at school. He is in the process of trying to teach me the Yu-Gi Oh game, everyone will hear more about how that is going later! Zak has such a sweet heart, loves playing with his cousins and is by his own admission, a gamer! Such a fun young man to watch grow into his own!

Then, there is Zoe! She is my firecracker. A couple of years younger than her brother, but if you ask her she is more mature because well, “girls mature faster than boys.” She is my little girl and unbelievably unique as well. She is into soccer, dance, guitar, sings in the chorus at school, and loves to read. She also is consistently on the straight A honor roll and had the highest overall GPA in her class last year! She has a zest for life like no other and constantly keeps us on our toes.

I hope I have sparked your interest enough to decide to come on this journey with us. Follow along as we invite you all into our lives and see the crazy, busy lifestyle we live and how we keep it fun and exciting. You might just learn something about real estate as well!



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