Keeping it Real and Putting Myself Out There

e.e. Cummings wrote, “Once we believe in ourselves we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight, or any experience that reveals the human spirit.” What better way to reveal the human spirit other than writing?

To be able to write, there is a need to have that self-belief Cummings mentions. Most people that have known me for my entire life would easily say that I was a very confident and, at times, (in my younger years) arrogant. But, if I’m keeping it real, the truth of the matter is I have lived in a constant state of self-doubt, second guessing,  and insecurity that I masked with a life as an extrovert and air of confidence that would fool anybody. But these days I’m a totally different person. I have finally found my voice. The voice that lets me know that who I am is really amazing. The voice that tells me its ok to be the person you want to be. Its also the voice that told me, I know you’ve never written anything before but you can write a blog. Just do it. Who cares if anyone reads it. Do it for yourself. Take the risk!

So here I am, sitting at a café in Nashville on an unusually warm day for February, both of my kids sitting nearby, contemplating on where to start, what to say.

How about this? Let me start with an invitation. I want to invite you on this journey with me. I want to bring you into my world, into my kids’ world. I want to show you how we find humor in everyday life. Bring you up to speed on where I have come from, keeping it real all along the way. The path I have chosen to take up to a point in my life was not the easiest; with almost every obstacle I encountered was of my own choosing. My point to this whole “blog” thing is to hopefully touch some of you in a way that will give you the courage to fight through tough times, keep going when it seems there is no point, and to also show you just how beautiful and magical the journey can be when you have the right perspective! The invitation is wide open to everyone! So please take a few seconds to read, share, comment. Get involved! I’d love to hear from you, and am wide open to feedback, so here we go! You coming?

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